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Long Term Care Class in Connecticut - CT

If long-term care sounds like a career you’d be interested in, there are plenty of opportunities in a variety of different positions.  You could work as a nurse aide in a nursing home, a registered nurse providing at-home career to an individual, or the administrator of a long-term care facility at a hospital like St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport.

All long term care positions in Connecticut require training, but specific requirements vary for different positions. Depending on whether you’re interested in administration, nursing, or general care, you will need to undertake different training.

Connecticut requires all nurses to undertake extensive training before receiving certification. Licensed practical nurses must complete 1500 educational hours, of which 750 must consist of practical training. Registered nurses in Connecticut must complete a minimum four-semester educational course in which 50% of course hours consist of training. This training typically consists of supervised patient care, observational experiences, and laboratory experience.

Nurse aides, also known as certified nursing assistants (CNAs), are responsible for basic care services, and work under the supervision of a registered nurse. In Connecticut, CNAs must undertake training in 25 competency skill areas, such as catheter care and checking vital signs, as part of a 100-hour certification course.

Long-term care administrators, including nursing home administrators, must also complete residency training and/or field placement as part of a degree program, or have licensed work experience in a long term care facility. 

For all these positions, training typically takes place through educational programs, but in some cases you may be able to substitute work experience for formal training. It’s a good idea to do internships and residencies whenever possible to get some extra work experience under your belt. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling career helping people with their long term health care needs.