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Connecticut LPN Salary

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported an encouraging occupational outlook for LPNs in the coming decade. The employment growth rate for LPNs is expected to be 21% higher than the averages for all other occupations. This trend started in 2008 and is anticipated to continue until 2018. Therefore, LPNs just entering the field will likely encounter an increase of job position availability. As the industry continues to expand, changes in salary averages, job security, working conditions, and state regulations may also shift in response.

LPNs in Connecticut should concentrate their job searches on regions of high populations, where the need for health care professions is more abundant. Geographic location can impact both the number of job opportunities, and salary earning potentials. LPNs nationwide make an average salary of $44,000/yr. However, LPNs practicing in Connecticut are typically earning $47,000/yr. The average salaries for the five largest cities in Connecticut are:

Bridgeport, Connecticut LPN Salary:   $45,000/yr
New Haven, Connecticut LPN Salary:  $40,000/yr
Hartford, Connecticut LPN Salary:  $42,000/yr
Stamford, Connecticut LPN Salary:  $52,000/yr
Waterbury, Connecticut LPN Salary:  $45,000/yr

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