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How to Become a Medical Assistant in Connecticut – CT

One of the fastest growing health care support occupations is Medical Assisting. Medical Assistants are vastly known as one of the most versatile professionals in healthcare today. The US Department of Labor is estimating that this field will grow 35% by 2015, indicating an outstanding outlook for this profession. Connecticut Medical Assistants are among the highest paid in the nation. Approximately 5,800 Medical Assistants are employed across the state of Connecticut.

Those employed in this field may be referred to as a Certified Medical Assistant or Registered Medical Assistant depending on the type of schooling an individual pursues. This profession should not be confused with that of Physician Assistant whose primary role is to provide patient care and treatment under the supervision of a doctor. The primary role of a Medical Assistant is to help increase efficiency in the delivery of health care services in doctor’s offices and clinics.

How to become a Medical Assistant in Connecticut

The only prerequisite for enrolling in an accredited program is a high school diploma. Those considering enrolling in a Medical Assistant Program in Connecticut should possess good organizational skills and interpersonal skills. An interest in biology and science is also important. Academic and clinical training may encompass the following areas: human anatomy and physiology, first aid, pharmacology, diagnostic procedures, and medical terminology. Clerical training may include keyboarding, bookkeeping, coding and billing, and medical law and ethics. The completion of a practicum is also required. This provides an opportunity to utilize acquired skills on the job while under supervision.

The small majority of Medical Assistants (60%) obtain their certificate in medical assisting, while the remaining 40% earn an associate degree in a medical assistant program in Connecticut. Certification is highly recommended as it provides the best way to gauge a potential employee’s competency and increases marketability. Additional training and certification may be required for those wanting to perform specialized tasks such as lab work or x-rays. These requirements are often determined by the healthcare setting or by the state you are seeking certification in.

American Association of Medical Assistants

The American Association of Medical Assistants is the national organization, which was established to advance the profession by promoting the competency of its members, protecting their right to practice, and increasing the efficiency of the delivery of healthcare services through multi-skilled professionals.

Contact Information

American Association of Medical Assistants
20 N. Wacker Dr., Ste. 1575 Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (312) 899-1500
Fax: (312) 899-1259

Connecticut Society of Medical Assistants

The purpose of the CSMA is to provide Connecticut Medical Assistants with support and resources such as continuing education and to promote networking between local professionals
The Connecticut Society is comprised of five chapters: Hartford/Tolland, Litchfield, New London, New Haven and Windham Counties.


Contact Information: Holly B. Martin, CMA (AAMA), State President P.O. Box 124 Winchester Center, CT 06094   860 379-1235

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