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Medical Management Degree in Connecticut – CT

Connecticut has many academic institutions that would provide an excellent education for medical office managers. In general, a degree in health services administration, business administration, or government administration would be a good base for a medical office manager. Education requirements for a position will depend on the type of facility (hospital, private practice, government agency, etc.), the size of the facility, and the background the candidate may have in a related field.

Many hospitals in Connecticut may present excellent training opportunities for a person interested in medical office administration through a practicum, internship, or entry-level position. Some examples include St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, and Stamford Hospital in Stamford.

Typical courses that students pursuing medical office management degrees in Connecticut can expect to take include general studies such as Fundamentals of Speech, English Composition, and Accounting. Coursework and knowledge of various computer technology programs is also expected. Coursework that is more specific to the healthcare field may include Medical Terminology, Medical Billing, and even First Aid. It is also imperative for a medical office manager to be well versed in new governmental regulations regarding patient privacy and medical records management.

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