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How to Become an MRI Technician in Connecticut

Completing a Connecticut MRI technician training program is the best way to learn how to become an MRI technician in Connecticut. Every school in Connecticut requires this type of training program prior to graduation, and it will unarguably be the most important piece of your career training.

MRI Technician Training in Connecticut

Most MRI technician training programs in Connecticut last around 6 months, depending upon the requirements of the school. During that time you will get the chance to work collaboratively with a Certified MRI Technologist, presenting you with the prospect of enhancing the skills you learned in school and preparing you for a career as an MRI technician in Connecticut.

It is fair to say that there are just some things that cannot be learned from books, and working in the MRI technology field is certainly one of them. While you can learn the purpose and principles of using MRI technology in school, it is during this training time that you will actually learn how to use the equipment and work with patients, ultimately preparing you for employment and certification.

As careers are expected to be prominent in the MRI field, it is to your best advantage to take away every grain of knowledge that you can during training. Connecticut MRI technician training is definitely thorough and time-consuming, but in the end you will find yourself ready to take your position as an MRI technician in Connecticut.

These are some of valuable traits you will learn during clinical MRI training in Connecticut:

  • How to use and set MRI equipment for imaging
  • Proper position of a patient, depending on the angle needed
  • Reading physicians’ orders
  • Keeping up with patient safety regulations

Then next step is to seek and obtain certification from the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT). This organization administers an exam designed to test your overall comprehension about MRI technology, and once you have passed, you will be recognized as a Certified MRI Technologist.

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