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Connecticut Healthcare Informatics Salary - CT

There are many places a trained and well qualified nursing informatics specialist can be employed including doctor’s offices, government agencies and research facilities. If you work in a hospital or doctor’s office you may have more direct patient contact, but most of these professionals have little to no contact with patients. Instead your role in nursing informatics is to be someone that nurses and other members of the medical staff refer to with problems, concerns or needs. On occasion you might find yourself helping a patient with a technological medical device. Another area that may interest you in pursuing a position would be public outreach, where you have the responsibility of helping to raise awareness about medical technologies to certain populations or individuals. Nurse informatics professionals in Connecticut can have a direct impact on patients even though they do not necessarily work directly with them and therefore these professionals should find much satisfaction in this career.

As well, specialized nurse or healthcare informatics professionals are well-paid professionals given their expertise and knowledge set. In certain regions of the country and depending on specific position, these professionals can make as much as $92,420 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The typical Connecticut nursing informatics salary is around $84,000. 

The ten largest cities in Connecticut are listed below along with the estimated earnings for a nursing informatics specialist in that area.

Bridgeport, CT Nursing Informatics:                       $80,000
Hartford, CT Nursing Informatics:                          $76,000
New Haven, CT Nursing Informatics:                      $72,000
Stamford, CT Nursing Informatics:                         $88,000
Waterbury, CT Nursing Informatics:                      $76,000
Norwalk, CT Nursing Informatics:                           $81,000
Danbury, CT Nursing Informatics:                          $84,000
New Britain, CT Nursing Informatics:                     $75,000
Bristol, CT Nursing Informatics:                              $75,000
West Hartford, CT Nursing Informatics:                 $76,000

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