Physician Assistant Programs in Connecticut - CT

Physician Assistant Program in Connecticut - CT

Education matters when it comes to hiring a Physician Assistant in Connecticut.  If a Physician Assistant decided to specialize and attend additional Physician Assistant programs in Connecticut, it would allow them to have more employment opportunities (and these trainings and certifications can be used as continuing medical education for recertification).

In addition, the relationship developed with the clinical supervisor can increase chances of employment by the reference given. For example, you might be up for a position with several other certified Physician Assistants who all have licenses and masters degrees through a Connecticut physician assistant program, but one has a reference with a top physician, this could be the definitive push for you to get the position. In Connecticut, annual salaries for Physician Assistants average around $93,000, so with experience and higher levels of education (specialty certifications along with masters degree), this profession can earn over $100,000 annually (top 20th percentile) in Connecticut. 

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