Connecticut Public Health Salary – CT

On average, public health professionals in Connecticut earn $68,000 per year, which is seven percent higher than the national average, according to indeed.com. Of course, public health professionals cover many licensed and certified areas in Connecticut.

Public Health Salaries in Connecticut

This list represents the average Connecticut public health salary for specific public health professions:

  • Biomedical Laboratory: $56,000
  • Biostatistics: $97,000
  • Child Day Care: $46,000
  • Emergency Medical Services: $46,000
  • Environmental Practitioner: $59,000
  • Epidemiologist: $80,000
  • Health Education/Behavioral Science: $59,000
  • Health Services Administrator: $76,000
  • International Health: $105,000
  • Nutritionist: $57,000
  • Youth Camp Counselor: $38,000
  • Water System Operator: $51,000


Public Health Schools

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