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Radiologist Technician Salary in Connecticut – CT

In 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that the average radiology tech salary in Connecticut was $60,730. With this annual average, the Bureau also reported that professionals in this field were earning about $29.20 per hour. However, by specializing in CT or MRI imaging, the BLS recognized that radiology techs could reach the highest reported salary average of $81,360; about 25% more than the statewide average. Financially, this is a clear incentive for new graduates to consider the benefits of choosing a subspecialty of radiology.

During 2009, Connecticut only had about 2,830 radiology techs in the workforce throughout the entire state, and with a total population of 3,453,300, it definitely appeared as though there may not be enough professionals in this field to meet the needs of such a large population. In fact, a recent study indicated that career growth in this profession was likely to supercede 17% by the year 2018, potentially creating more than 480 new radiology technician jobs in Connecticut.

Of note, location is one of the factors that can influence salary figures for radiology technicians in Connecticut. Here you will see a list of average salaries within various cities throughout the state:

  • Bridgeport:  $59,100
  • Hartford:  $61,340
  • New Haven:  $61,340
  • Danbury:  $63,560
  • Norwich:  $60,250
  • Waterbury:  $57,900

Salaries provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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