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Salary for a Registered Nurse in Connecticut - CT

Connecticut Registered Nurses Salaries

The average salary for a registered nurse in Connecticut is $78,000, which is slightly higher than the national average. The list below shows sample salaries for various municipalities in Connecticut. Note that the average ranges significantly between more affluent areas and more moderate localities.

New Haven, Connecticut RN Salary:  $67,000
Hartford, Connecticut RN Salary:  $71,000
Greenwich, Connecticut RN Salary:  $91,000
Danbury, Connecticut RN Salary:  $77,000
Bridgeport, Connecticut RN Salary:  $74,000

License Renewal Information

Licenses for registered nurses in Connecticut traditionally expire in the first birth month after initial licensing, and then annually after that. Registered nurses receive a renewal reminder roughly 60 days prior to license expiration, if their addresses are kept up-to-date with the Connecticut Department of Public Health. The license renewal fee is $100.

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