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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in Connecticut - CT

During May of 2009, the average ultrasound technician salary in Connecticut was reported to be an astounding $73,660 a year, which was an average hourly wage of $35.41. Keep in mind that this average was developed by compiling both the starting salaries of new graduates and the salaries of the most experienced ultrasound techs in Connecticut. However, even if you were to start out with the lowest reported hourly wage, you would still be earning about $24.97 per hour. 

One of the brightest aspects of becoming an ultrasound tech in Connecticut is that there is a very stong career outlook. At present time, there are about 1,030 ultrasound technicians in Connecticut. Yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for professionals in this field to increase by a minimum of 18% by the year 2018. Areas in Connecticut with the fewest ultrasound technicians like Danbury, which has only 50 ultrasound techs, are likely to be the localities with the highest demand and above average salaries. 

Because ultrasound technology is used to diagnose and monitor medical conditions like abdominal cancer and breast cancer, the general aging of Connecticut's population is also likely to play a role in increasing the need for ultrasound technicians in the future.

Median ultrasound tech salaries in Connecticut:

  • New Haven: $75,000
  • Danbury: $76,180
  • Hartford: $69,090

Salary figures have been provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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