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What type of education is required to become a cosmetologist or esthetician?

In most states, a high school diploma or GED is required to be licensed although some cosmetology schools will allow students to enroll even before graduation.  In most states, receiving a license in cosmetology requires attendance at a state-approved institution, so be sure to check your state’s requirements for accreditation before starting a program.

Becoming a general cosmetologist or esthetician includes a comprehensive class-based education in the science and art of beauty and personal appearance services and a rigorous practical curriculum with hands-on experience in the full array of treatments and procedures. Coursework may even include classes in “people skills” or marketing and business practices. This can

Because of the unique employment arrangements that many personal appearance workers have with salon owners or spas, and because of the potential for self-employment, a good understanding of business and marketing will also be very helpful.

How long does it take to become a cosmetologist or esthetician?

Comprehensive cosmetology training programs often take nine to twelve months of full time class. Students looking to complete their education while maintaining employment or pursuing specialty certifications will find that in most cases they’re able to arrange a part-time class schedule.  Going to cosmetology or esthetician school part time will typically increase the time it takes to complete the program to two years. Individuals pursuing sub-specialties only, estheticians for example, will find their classes are shorter and more focused.

What kinds of institutions offer an education in cosmetology and esthetics?

Programs in general cosmetology and esthetics are often available at schools that offer associates and bachelor’s degrees, although there are also programs available at schools that specialize in vocational training and job-specific certifications. Many cosmetology schools that offer the broader cosmetology programs also offer the more focused certificate programs for estheticians or other personal appearance sub-specialties.

Can I take any of my courses online?

Because of the hands-on nature of a cosmetology services, few, if any, courses are available online. A student may find that some basic prerequisite courses or anatomy and physiology courses are available through web-based classes, but the bulk of the courses are in-person, campus-based classes to ensure a quality education and training experience.

Is hands-on training a part of a cosmetologist or esthetic education?

Yes. Nearly all states require an apprenticeship or supervised on-site training program in order to get a license. In some cases, senior cosmetologists are registered with the state as being approved to supervise or mentor an apprentice. Some general cosmetology and esthetician schools have campus-based student salons where students get their hands on experience. These salons are essentially used as classrooms for any number of treatments and services.  The exiting thing is that these campus based salons are open to the public allowing students the practice they need with real-world clientele, and allowing clients a great deal on services.  Of course, employment as an apprentice at a public salon or spa also meets all the experience requirements for getting a license. It’s a good idea to check with your state’s licensing agency to ensure that you are complying with all guidelines.

Do cosmetology and esthetician schools need to be approved by my state?

In almost all states, the answer is “Yes.” Since the state grants a license to general cosmetologists and estheticians, the state wants to be sure students are getting a good education and are well prepared for their future cosmetology jobs.  This is done with the consumer clientele in mind.  To make sure the professional holding the license meets educational standards, licenses are only granted to graduates state-approved programs.

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