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Cytotechnology Salary in Arizona - AZ

The cytotechnologist salary in Arizona is going to be based mostly on experience and location. Those who go further with their education may find an increase in salary when they reach a supervisory role or a quality control position. Otherwise, salary will be based on the location of the facility and the time spent working there.

Since this is typically a forty-hour a week position, the cytotechnologist salary package in Arizona is bound to include things like insurance, sick days and vacation time. Those who work less than full time may not be offered these benefits.

The average cytotechnologist salary in Arizona is $56,000 according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics publication. This includes all cytotechnologist salaries in the state, from entry level to managerial.

Since the salaries do vary by location, it is worth considering the salaries of some of the cities in Arizona when exploring employment opportunities. Phoenix and Glendale are listed at $53,000, while cytotechnologists in Tucson make an average of $52,000 yearly.  Cytotechs working in Mesa earn a bit more at $54,000 a year. The difference in pay is based on population, the demand for these professionals, and the economic status of the city.

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