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Cytotechnology School in Arizona – AZ

Cytotechnology schools in Arizona offer a curriculum that will help lead to national certification and prepare students to work under the guidelines set by the state of Arizona. Arizona does not offer a professional license for this position, so certification is often the first professional goal. Aspiring cytotechnologists will need to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in cytotechnology or a bachelor’s degree in a related area of science.

Arizona students should come to the program prepared for a curriculum rich in science courses and extensive lab work including the use of microscopes for cellular analysis and interpretation, as this will be their core function as professionals in this field. Testing is intended to reveal a number of medical issues from simple bacterial infections to cellular abnormalities that may indicate that there is a potential for ovarian cancer.

Since cytotechnology schools in Arizona offer programs with the intent of preparing students to review cellular samples, students will complete clinical rotations in order to gain vital experience in the field. Some of the Arizona hospitals that sponsor clinical rotations include Banner Desert Medical Center, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, as well as Tucson Medical Center.

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