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Gerontology Degrees in Delaware - DE

A degree in Gerontology in the state of Delaware can be obtained in a variety of ways. Gerontology covers a wide scope of services specializing in the needs and concerns of older adults. As such, a gerontologist may work in a health care facility such as a hospital, nursing care center, or insurance company; or they may even find jobs in a social service agency such as a state government-sponsored senior center. Some gerontologists conduct research with regard to issues older adults face so that Delaware state policies that affect the elderly can be designed around current and relevant information.

There are several ways to become a gerontologist, which, loosely defined means someone that focuses on the needs of the elderly. The educational requirement will vary depending on the type of position and work environment a person wants. In general, courses in sociology, psychology, communication, computer skills, and medical terminology would constitute a good foundation for different types of positions that involve dealing with the elderly. Many colleges offer degrees in gerontology, both at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. These degrees will help prepare students for employment at various types of facilities; the more in-depth the study, the higher the position a candidate is likely to obtain. Some workers may find that continuing education courses may be sufficient to improve their employability—especially if they have practical experience with assisting elderly clients.

There are several schools in Delaware that offer foundational courses for a person interested in geriatrics. In general, coursework in nursing or social work are a good place to begin. Many schools in Delaware also offer online courses so that students can tailor their studies to their specific educational needs.

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