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Medical Office Manager Salary in Delaware – DE

The average medical office manager salary in Delaware ranges from $38,000 to $44,000 and beyond depending on the specific position and the location of the practice or facility. Health care administration is a particularly lucrative branch of health care support, paying roughly 30% higher than the average health care support occupation. The considerably higher compensation is due to the increased responsibility inherent in management roles, and the qualifications and competence necessary to keep a medical facility operating smoothly.

Annual income for medical office management changes noticeably from city to city within the state of Delaware. While wages in each area vary depending on the education and experience of the employee, the demand for the job, and the availability of qualified individuals, the following wages can be expected in major Delaware cities:

  • Dover, Delaware: $38,000
  • Newark, Delaware: $43,000
  • Wilmington, Delaware: $44,000

Healthcare administration encompasses a wide range of different clerical and office management positions within the medical industry. Special certification such as the CMM (Certified Medical Manager) can improve an individual's job opportunities and salary expectations. Other certifications, continuing education, experience and a record of outstanding performance can also positively impact a medical office manager's expected salary.

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