Midwife Salary in Delaware - DE

Midwives' Salaries in Delaware - DE

Delaware Midwife Salary

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) states that, in 2009, there were 50 Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) living in Delaware and 12 nurse-midwifery practices in the state. The ACNM says that in 2004, CNMs in Delaware attended 311 births, accounting for 3.9% of all births in the state that year. Midwives in Delaware may be direct-entry (requiring no nursing training) or CNMs (who have nursing training), but the salary for a CNM is understandably higher than that of a direct-entry midwife.

The average midwife salary in Delaware (for a CNM), according to indeed.com, is $98,000. Although average salaries for direct-entry midwives are not available, one can surmise that their pay would be about $20,000 or so less than that of a CNM. Many job opportunities are available throughout Delaware for both direct-entry midwives and CNMs. Salaries may vary depending upon which part of the state in which one works, one’s educational status and one’s level of experience. Looking at the salary statistics for some of Delaware’s largest cities (courtesy of indeed.com) makes these differences more clear:

  • Wilmington:  $98,000
  • Dover:  $80,000
  • New Castle:  $99,000

Rural areas of Sussex County would likely pay CNMs less than the more urban areas of New Castle County in Delaware, just as is the case with most positions in Delaware.

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