How To Become a Personal Trainer in Delaware | Personal Trainer Certification in DE

Become a Personal Trainer in Delaware - DE

In Delaware personal trainer certification isn’t a state requirement, but it will be a requirement of your employer. Most Delaware personal trainers choose to become certified through one of several national organizations, as doing so increases their credibility and access to the best jobs. In some cases, employers require that personal trainers hold a degree from a college or university, but nearly all legitimate personal trainer jobs require certification from a nationally recognized organization.  This means starting with your training and education so as to be eligible for national certification.

The personal training field is growing nationally at a significantly faster rate than average. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), personal training jobs are expected to remain plentiful in the healthcare industry and in high schools. There’s a much tougher level of competition for personal training jobs with colleges and professional sports teams. Fitness centers, health clubs and recreation centers are also expected to provide many jobs in the industry, thanks to the growth and development of these establishments.

How to Become an ACSM Delaware Certified Personal Trainer

  1. ACSM certified personal trainer applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. They must also have a current adult CPR certification through a legitimate organization like the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.
  2. Personal trainers should be in optimal physical condition. They should be able to perform any and all exercises they would prescribe for their clients.
  3. Applicants should attend a workshop to prepare for the exam. Two types of workshops are available—a basic one-day course for experienced personal trainers only, as well as a more comprehensive three-day course for everyone else. Those attending the one-day workshop can expect to pay around $130.00, while those going to the three day course should plan to pay around $375.00. Textbooks may also be purchased for around $125.00.
  4. Certification applicants are required to take and pass the ACSM’s certified personal trainer exam. The exam is reported to take about two and one half hours and consists of 125 to 150 questions. About 71 percent of those who take the exam pass on the first try. Exam fees are $279 for the initial exam, and $150 for retesting if the applicant doesn’t pass the first time. If you join the ACSM as an Alliance Member, you can save $60.00 on your testing fees.  You also get other benefits, including a free subscription to the association’s online and hard copy publications, inclusion in the online membership directory, program and continuing education discounts, product discounts and access to insurance.

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