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Delaware Pharmacy Tech Certificate – DE

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Delaware

Anyone interested in becoming involved in the fast growing field of healthcare will find that establishing a pharmaceutical technician career can be an enriching and profitable life decision. According to the National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA), out of the 100 fastest growing jobs in the United States, pharmacy technician ranked #60. In addition, in terms of the top 500 jobs in the nation, pharmacy technician ranked #224. With a current employment growth rate of 28.8% and an estimated 39,000 annual job openings, pharmacy technicians can feel confident in future job security overall as well.

Each state has the power and resources to create, establish and development their own procedures and policies as it concerns pharmacy technician requirements for employment in that particular state. Therefore, while general information is beneficial when looking at the big picture of pharmacy technicians’ functions and responsibilities, state specific information will provide a more detailed and direct guide for individuals hoping to work in a certain state, such as Delaware. The Delaware State Board of Pharmacy (DSBP), for instance, outlines criteria, policies, regulations, licensing information, disciplinary procedures, and creates public forums to instruct and support pharmacy professionals within the guidelines of the state of Delaware.
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In Delaware pharmacy technician certification programs are available online. Registration, renewal and continuing education are not necessary to perform pharmacy technician duties in Delaware. However, the state does hold pharmacies/pharmacists responsible for training their pharmacy technicians and maintaining government records thereof.

By completing the National Pharmacy Technician Training Program, pharmacy technicians then have the option of taking the ExCPT test. This test qualifies individuals as CPhTs, or certified pharmacy technicians. While certification shows professional commitment and aptitude, it is solely on a volunteer basis.

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