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Physical Therapy Salary in Delaware - DE

A study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average physical therapist salary in Delaware was about $82,450 and that the average hourly pay was $39.64 per hour. While it is certain that this is a well-rounded, above-average salary figure; it is important to keep in mind that experience in this profession can entitle you to even higher levels of annual income. In fact, some of the more experienced physical therapists in Delaware have been known to make more than $94,200 a year. So, while most recent graduates should expect a starting salary close to the statewide average, they should also understand that perseverance and dedication could potentially help them earn another 12.5%.

Recent studies done in 2009 have shown that 33.2% of children in Delaware are considered to be overweight or obese, while 61.6% of adults fall into this same category. Although obesity is a prime risk factor for cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke, it also places undue pressure on the body’s weightbearing joints; putting individuals at a higher risk for osteoarthritis. With high rates of excessive weight among Delaware residents, it is likely that physical therapists will see an increase in treating patients with issues associated with obesity or being overweight.   

Salaries within Delaware:

  • Wilmington:  $80,040
  • Dover:  $81,320
  • Newark:  $74,000
  • New Castle:  $80,000

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics