Physician Assistant Programs in Delaware - DE

Physician Assistant Program in Delaware - DE

In Physician Assistant programs in Delaware there are classes teaching about the anatomy and physiology of the body, diseases and disorders of the human body, pharmacology, and medical assessment are just a few of the classes taught in order to adequately prepare students for a career in this field.  Along with a classroom education through a physician assistant program in Delaware, students will be able to go out into the field and work directly with practicing Physician Assistants and Physicians.  Through these clinical rotations, rotations in several different disciplines will be completed including surgery, emergency care, and pediatrics. 

Having a Physician Assistant degree, a bachelor’s degree in science and/or healthcare, national certification, and Delaware Physician Assistant license will allow you to apply for jobs throughout the state. Having any specialty certification/education or experience will also increase opportunities and salary increases. In Delaware, Physician Assistants make an average of $83,000 in its metropolitan areas, which is higher than the national average of $81,000 (in 2008).

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