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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Delaware - DE

The following are the steps to become a radiology tech in Delaware. The first step is to get educated. Find a Delaware radiology tech training program that is accredited. There are also many online education options in radiology technology. Radiologic Techs usually hold either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree so keep that in mind as you look at different programs.

Second, be nationally certified. You can do this through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. You need your education to qualify to take this exam so you must graduate before you proceed. The length of the exam spans between 2-7 hours, depending on what area you want to specialize in. There are testing centers located in Dover and Newark, Delaware. Learn more on the ARRT website here:

Third, once you’ve been nationally certified, you’ll need to apply for your state license. You may also apply for licensure before taking the national certification exam, if you provide proof of completion of a course of study in radiological technology as well as evidence that you are registered to take the national exam. Fill out an application and include proof of your national certification. An application fee will also be required. Once you’ve gathered these materials, send them to the following address:

Delaware Division of Public Health
Office of Radiation Control
417 Federal Street
Dover, Delaware  19901

If, for whatever reason, you have not obtained national certification, you may still apply to take the state exam. Contact the above address to receive a separate application form that you’ll need to complete. Once submitted, you’ll be sent a guide to the exam, which will include an additional set of application requirements. You’ll need to pay another fee to take the exam. Review and study well and you should be successful. You’ll need to take the test within six months of your completed application so plan wisely. If you fail the first time, you can retake it twice in a twelve-month period. You’ll receive information in the mail about retesting if you do not succeed on the exam.

You can find all the specific details, including fee amounts and applications, at


When you’ve successfully gotten your Delaware state license, it’ll be good for four years, and you’re required to post your certificate in the place where you work. You can still renew up to 30 days after the license is expired, but it’s advised to plan ahead and do it well in advance to take into account any possible problems. A renewal form and fee are required, and you should allow at least 3 weeks for your request to be processed. The fee must be paid in the form of a check or money order rather than cash. You can also find your application to renew on the above website.

It is important to take renewal of your license seriously. If your license is found to be expired, your employer will be held accountable for the safety concerns of the establishment’s patients.

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