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Salary for a Registered Nurse in Delaware - DE

Delaware Registered Nurses Salaries

The average annual salary for a Registered Nurse in Delaware is $65,000, but this number varies city by city, and job by job.  Nurses with a specialty in anesthesia or emergency medicine will most likely earn a higher salary than nurses who work in schools or smaller non-profit organizations.  As with most jobs, a higher salary brings a higher level of responsibility, time commitment, and managerial duties. 

The following lists average annual salaries in major Delaware cities:

Dover, Delaware RN salary: $57,000
Middletown, Delaware RN salary: $63,000
Millsboro, Delaware RN salary: $59,000
Wilmington, Delaware RN salary: $65,000

Advancement Opportunities

Registered Nurses in the state of Delaware have many options for career advancement.  Mandatory continuing education hours provide a convenient opportunity to earn certificates in specialties such as emergency or critical care nursing, OB/GYN, or home health.  RNs may also advance their career by moving away from the bedside and into administrative or managerial positions in clinical or public health settings within the state.  These positions may require a business or Master’s degree, as nurses may supervise employees and oversee the general operations of a department or facility.

Delaware RN Continued Education Requirements

Registered Nurses in Delaware are required to have 30 Continuing Education hours every two years to renew their state license.  Approved continuing education hours can be earned through independent studies, attending conferences, specialty certification, authoring a book, and in-service education, among others.