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Delaware Surgical Technologist Salary - DE

The surgical tech salary in Delaware is roughly $45,000 per year, which is great pay to earn for such a rewarding career. As a recent graduate, you may find yourself earning slightly less annually because are just beginning to build your professional experience. However, experience is only one of the factors with the potential to impact your income in Delaware.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a potential 25% growth for this field through the year 2018, meaning that there should be significant opportunities of employment for new graduates. With an aging population on the rise and a steady, continued need for surgical procedures, you can easily see where the sky is the limit for earning potential as a surgical tech in Delaware.

Keep in mind, also, that your annual pay can fluctuate depending on the type of facility you work in. Specialty surgery centers and hospitals typically pay more for their surgical technologists, and because your education in Delaware includes studies in specialty surgeries, you will be prepared to obtain employment in these types of clinics.

To form an image of how your salary can fluctuate by city, here are some figures regarding salary in different areas of Delaware:

  • Dover: $37,000
  • Delaware City: $38,000
  • Harrington: $46,000
  • Newark: $42,000
  • New Castle: $44,000

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