Dental Assistant Careers Through the Military

Dental Assistant Military Careers

According to, experienced dental assistants are needed in America more than ever before. Since oral health is vital in maintaining citizens’ overall health, dental assistants are in high demand.

While going to a college or technical school to become a dental assistant can be pricy, it need not be. Becoming an active member of the U.S. military is a great idea for people who wish to become dental assistants, as the military will provide money, housing, medical benefits, allowances for food and clothes, military shopping possibilities, and discounts for traveling. With all of these perks, your annual military salary (which begins at about $15,000 per year for Army members and can increase to $28,000 per year after just four years of service) will largely be freed up for school costs.

Dental assistants with military experience within the civilian population will have a leg up on the competition. Dental assistants in America average $50,000 per year according to

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