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Dental Assistant Certificate in British Columbia - BC

Dental assistants working in British Columbia are regulated by the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC). In order to become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) in the province, one must first graduate from an accredited Level II, intra-oral dental assisting program in the province. You must then pass the National Dental Assisting Examining Board written exam (and the NDAEB’s Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE) if your school was not accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC)). You have three years from the time you graduate from dental assistant school to apply for certification in British Columbia.

The CDSBC requires that all applicants for dental assistant certification fill out the application and enclose supporting documents. These include an application fee of C$225, a certification fee of C$100, a passport-sized photo of your head and shoulders, a copy of your diploma or CDA graduation certificate, a copy of your passing scores from the NDAEB examination(s), information for a criminal record check, and a signed affidavit notarized by a Commissioner for Oaths with their stamp or seal. This information should be mailed to: College of Dental Surgeons of BC, 500 – 1765 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 5C6.