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Dental Assistant Certificate in Ontario - ON

Currently, Ontario is one of the only provinces in Canada that does not regulate dental assistants. The Ontario Dental Assistant Association (ODAA) is trying to change that. Regulation would mandate certain standards of education for dental assistants and would give the public a feeling of security knowing that their dental assistants are properly trained.

The ODAA has certified 8300 dental assistants working throughout the province through their certification program. While dental assistant certification is not required in Ontario, it is valued by many employers, as it shows a higher level of dedication to the profession of dental assisting. Certification requires completion of a college-level dental assisting program and passing an examination. Level I assistants must pass the ODAA certification examination, while Level II intra-oral assistants must pass the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) exam. In addition, to maintain certification with the ODAA, you must complete 15 credits of continuing education each year. These courses may range from in-office seminars on health or business, Internet courses, CPR and First Aid courses, home study courses, and volunteer work. Certified dental assistants must also abide by the ODAA’s Code of Ethics. These focus on the responsibilities of a dental assistant, including client confidentiality, informed consent, dental jurisprudence, accountability, comfort and welfare, and professional conduct.