GI Bill Eligibility and Benefits for Dental Assistant Training

GI Bill Eligibility and Benefits for Dental Assistant Training

Active military personnel who wish to become a dental assistant following their military service are encouraged to take dental assistant classes before they retire from service. All tuition costs and other class-related fees will be paid for by the military branch with which you serve, with one caveat: the classes must relate to your military career specialty. However, if the classes are not career-related, the military will still pay for 75 percent of your expenses.

Military personnel can utilize the GI Bill following two years of service or after they separate from the military. This can be done for up to ten years after their military separation date. Up to 36 full-time academic months are covered through the GI Bill.

Veterans who would like to become dental assistants after their military service had ended should test out of as many college courses as possible. This can be done through the military program called Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). Go to for more information.

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