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Dental Assistant Program in Québec - QC

Classes for dental assisting can be found in Québec, online and in other provinces throughout Canada. Courses found in most dental assistant programs include basic dental care, oral pathology, pharmacology, dental radiography, diagnostic records, environmental health and safety, preventive dentistry and nutrition, prevention of disease transmission, intra-oral dental assisting and oral facial science. Dental assistant students are introduced to a vast array of dental instruments, procedures used in dentistry, skills necessary in working with a dentist and dental hygienist, skills necessary in working with patients, theories in restorative dentistry, operative procedures, chair-side assisting and implementation of dental materials.

Many dental assistant programs in Québec also offer practicums to their students. In these special classes conducted in a real world setting, students get the opportunity to put into practice the skills they have learned in their dental assistant classes. Some students in dental assisting choose to specialize in a subdiscipline within dentistry, such as orthodontics or pediatric dentistry. This makes the individual more marketable to employers upon graduation from dental assistant school, as it opens up many new job opportunities in addition to traditional dental assisting. Dental assistants in Québec can expect an average annual salary of C$25,000 according to the Government of Québec.

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