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Dental Assistant Schools in Québec - QC

The job of a dental assistant is, as the name suggests, to assist dentists during treatments and examinations and to perform clerical duties as needed. If the field of dentistry interests you, but you don’t want to become a dentist or a dental hygienist, you may want to consider dental assisting as a career. According to the official website of the Government of Québec, there were 5000 practicing dental assistants working in the province in 2008, 99% of whom were female.

Under the Québec educational system, one must attend dental assistant school within either Québec or one of the other provinces in order to be allowed to legally perform the duties of a dental assistant. Dental assistant schools that fulfill Québec’s requirements may be found online. Students must first complete primary school education in Québec, then attend secondary school, and finally complete 1500 hours of vocational training in order to become a dental assistant. This represents about 11 to 12 years of total education from pre-school on under Québec’s educational system. Dental assisting appeals to many students as it does not require as many years of post-secondary education to fulfill the requirements, and yet its rewards are great.

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