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Alabama Dental Hygienist License

To Obtain a dental hygienist License in Alabama by Examination, a hygienist must:

  1. Complete and pass the Alabama Jurisprudence Exam with a minimum score of 75%.
  2. Submit a 2” x 2” photograph and a copy of a current CPR card with notarized application for license.
  3. Complete and show proof of two hours of training on infection disease.
  4. Be up-to-date on Hepatitis B series.
  5. Provide official transcripts of dental hygiene education, national board examination, and exam scores from a dental testing agency.
  6. Pay a $200 dental hygiene exam fee and a $25 license certificate fee to the Alabama Board of Dental Examiners.

To Obtain a License by Credentials, a hygienist needs to:

  1. Take and pass the Alabama Jurisprudence Exam.
  2. Show proof of 5,000 hours of dental hygiene practice or full-time dental hygiene education over the 5 years preceding the application for a license.
  3. Hold a current and valid license in another state whose examination standards are approved by the state of Alabama.
  4. Be willing to appear before the Board for an interview.
  5. Prove that there is no pending or final disciplinary action against his/her license.
  6. Prove that DEA permit is in good standing and has not been revoked, limited, or modified in any way.
  7. Secure two (2) affidavits from two licensed dentists or licensed dental hygienists who are practicing in the same general area as the applicant.
  8. Show proof of successful completion of a Board-approved dental hygiene degree program.
  9. Show proof that professional liability coverage has not been cancelled or refused.
  10. Submit a check or money order for $2,000.

The Alabama Board of Dental Examiners can request additional information in relation to any application, as it sees fit.

License Renewal for Dental Hygienists in Alabama - AL

Hygienists are granted licenses for one year, which must be renewed annually. Hygienists must earn 12 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) annually to comply with renewal requirements.

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