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Dental Hygienist Salaries in Arizona – AZ

Dental hygienists in the United States average a yearly income of $66,950, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Dental hygienist salaries in Arizona average $69,860 per year. Since many dental hygienists work part-time, they are often paid hourly. Hourly wages across the state of Arizona range from $30-$36/hour. Below are the average salaries for the all cities in Arizona with a population of over 100,000.

Chandler - $58,000
Gilbert Town - $64,000
Glendale - $61,000
Mesa - $61,000
Peoria - $61,000
Phoenix - $61,000
Scottsdale - $61,000
Tempe - $61,000
Tucson - $64,000

Arizona Dental Hygiene Association

Arizona State Dental Hygienists’ Association - The members-only Arizona State Dental Hygienists’ Association is a group of dental hygienist who work to increase the public’s access to quality oral health care. They also encourage members to educate themselves on the latest advancements in the dental field.