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Dental Hygienist Income in British Columbia – BC

As per the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia, there are over 3200 dental hygienists currently working within British Columbia. The Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene states that the average dental hygienist salary in British Columbia in 2010 is C$40 to C$50 per hour. This equates with’s estimate of hourly pay between C$35 to $43 per hour (which was taken from 2006-2007 figures). The field of dental hygiene is perfect for those who are interested in promoting oral health, working with and helping people, and working closely in a team with other health professionals.

Salaries tend to differ depending upon the part of British Columbia in which you work, your educational level, and years of experience. Because British Columbia’s population, as well as the population of all of Canada, is aging, dental hygienists are expected to remain in high demand. Jobs for dental hygienists in British Columbia are located in hospitals, residential care facilities, community care clinics and public health centers. Furthermore, British Columbia’s laws allow registered dental hygienists in the province to own and operate their own dental hygienist practices, which greatly increases one’s employment opportunities.