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Dental Hygienist Pay in Georgia - GA

The average dental hygienist salary in Georgia is $79,000. The average national salary for dental hygienist is $72,000, so Georgia pay is above average in the field. Dental hygienist may be paid hourly, daily, salaried, or on a commission basis. Part of the appeal of a dental hygienist job is its part-time and flexible hours. Factors such as location, setting and job experience are also taken into account. The salaries listed below are for the five largest cities in Georgia.

Athens - $69,000
Atlanta - $76,000
Augusta - $75,000
Columbus - $70,000
Savannah – $67,000

Georgia Dental Hygienist Associations

Georgia Dental Hygienists’ Association – The organization is a constituent member of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and represents all of Georgia’s licensed dental hygienists as well as provides them with the most current advancement announcements and educational opportunities in the field.

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