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Dental Hygienist Salaries in Iowa – IA

Dental hygienist salaries in Iowa average around $62,000, according to the BLS. The hourly pay rate is around $30 an hour. Many dental hygienists are paid hourly since the job is often flexible or part-time, therefore examining the hourly rate versus the annual salary may be more helpful. Dental hygienists in Iowa can earn anywhere from $25 to $37 an hour. Below are the average salaries for dental hygienist jobs currently open in the largest cities in Iowa.

Ames - $64,000
Cedar Falls - $64,000
Cedar Rapids - $66,000
Council Bluffs - $60,000
Davenport - $63,000
Des Moines - $62,000
Dubuque - $62,000
Iowa City - $67,000
Sioux City - $64,000
Waterloo – $62,000

Iowa Dental Hygienist Organizations

    • Iowa Dental Hygienists’ Association – The Iowa branch of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association provides dental hygienists’ in Iowa with a comprehensive website that makes information available that is critical to their practice. They also offer continuing education opportunities and events to members.

    • Iowa Dental Board – The Iowa Dental Board is responsible for setting the rules, regulations, and requirements for the licensure and registration of dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists’ in the state. If you have any questions regarding the above, contact the board or visit their website.
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