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Dental Hygienist Pay in Mississippi - MS

Dental Hygienists' are highly sought after professionals with the education and training that gives them the ability to earn a decent salary considering the low amount of time and overall education necessary to enter this field. Across the United States Dental Hygienists can make about $60,000 annually. The average dental hygienist salary In Mississippi is $84,000 and therefore is well above the national average. The top 10 most populated cities in Mississippi are located below with the average salary a dental hygienist can earn.

Jackson, $78,000
Gulfport, $55,000
Biloxi, $59,000
Hattiesburg, $65,00
Greenville, $58,000
Meridian, $61,000
Tupelo, $48,000
Southhaven, $57,000
Vicksburg, $80,000
Pascaquola, $84,000

Mississippi Dental Hygienist Associations

Mississippi Dental Hygienists' Association is dedicated to the dental profession, public health in regard to dentistry and especially the interests of dental hygienists'.

Mississippi Dental Hygienists' Association
PO Box 377
Merigold, MS 38759

American Dental Hygienists' Association an organization that works for the interests of the dental hygienist professionals across the nation. The ADHA is a key source in education, advancement and legislation as it pertains to the field of dental health and dental hygienists' specifically.

American Dental Hygienists' Association
444 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 3400
Chicago, Illinois 60611

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