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Dental Hygienist Pay in Ohio – OH

According to, the dental hygienist salary in Ohio is approximately $69,000. also reports salaries for the following cities in Ohio:

Columbus: $64,000
Cleveland: $65,000
Cincinnati: $62,000
Toledo: $68,000
Akron: $54,000
Dayton: $62,000
Canton: $57,000
Parma: $65,000
Youngstown: $54,000
Lorain: $62,000

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly was for a dental hygienist in the year 2006 was $30.19. With the significant growth in this field, it is most likely more than this now and will continue to grow.

State-Specific Professional Associations

The Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association is an organization that dental hygienists in Ohio may want to become a member of. The website has a career center that lists jobs and it contains information on certification renewal information. It also gives the information such as dental hygienist renewal fees are $105 with a $4.00 service fee. To contact the Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association, go to:

Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association
ODHA Central Office
Telephone: 1-800-543-3104