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Dental Hygienist Income in Ontario – ON

As stated in a report prepared by Algonquin College, the average dental hygienist salary in Ontario is C$30 to C$32 per hour. This represents an entry-level figure, and amounts to an average annual pay between C$62,400 and C$66,560. When one considers that the position of dental hygienist in Ontario requires a minimum of two years of post-secondary education, this salary seems very competitive and quite reasonable. Of course, salaries tend to vary depending upon the part of Ontario in which you work. For example, says that the Toronto and Ottawa areas pay an average yearly salary of C$74,464; while the Waterloo Region -Huron -Perth - Wellington -Dufferin area of Ontario pays its dental hygienists about C$75,150 annually.

There are many positions for well trained, qualified dental hygienists across Ontario, within private clinics, group practices, community health clinics, research facilities, and even working independently in one’s own dental hygiene practice. currently publishes a variety of open dental hygienist positions all over Ontario, including the following:

  • Senior dental hygienist - Altima Dental Canada, Brampton
  • Dental hygienist - Company Confidential, Mississauga
  • Registered dental hygienist - D'Aloisio Orthodontics, Greater Sudbury
  • Dental hygienist - Domtrak Systems Limited, Cambridge
  • Dental hygienist - County of Oxford Planning, Woodstock
  • Dental hygienist - Dr. Luc Leboeuf, Alfred

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