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Dental Hygienist Pay in Wyoming – WY

According to, the average dental hygienist salary in Wyoming is approximately $76,000. City-specific salaries in Wyoming for dental hygienists from are below:

Cheyenne: $59,000
Casper: $67,000
Laramie: $62,000
Gillette: $63,000
Rock Springs: $61,000
Sheridan: $57,000
Green River: $59,000
Evanston: $54,000
Riverton: $55,000
Cody: $55,000

Wyoming Dental Hygienist Continuing Education Requirements

The license renewal fee for a dental hygienist is $95. The fee, along with the renewal application, shall be submitted to the board on or before December 31 annually. A dental hygienist applying for renewal must have either taught or practiced dental hygiene in the previous five years to receive their renewal, or reexamination may be required. Since there are no licensing requirements for dental assistants, there are no continuing education or license renewal requirements.

Wyoming Dental Hygienist Associations

The Wyoming Dental Hygienist Association is an association promoting education, legislative information, and licensure of dental hygienists. Membership is gained through the American Dental Hygienist Association. On the website is information on conventions, continuing education, meeting minutes, and more. The organization’s website is at

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