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Dental Hygienist School in Ontario – ON

The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) regulates the dental hygienists who practice in Ontario. According to the College, there are 9500 registered, practicing dental hygienists in Ontario today. All of them attended dental hygienist schools in Ontario or other parts of Canada. The CDHO requires that all dental hygienists complete at least two years of dental hygienist schooling. This school may be in either Canada or the United States, as long as the school is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada or by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation. Two year programs typically result in a diploma. Some dental hygiene students opt for a four year, bachelor degree program.

Following graduation, a prospective dental hygienist in Ontario must receive national certification by taking and passing the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board examination. This certification is valuable in other Canadian provinces that require it as well, opening up job opportunities not only in Ontario but all across the country. In addition, prior to registration, applicants must pass a jurisprudence test which tests your knowledge of laws and regulations governing the practice of dental hygiene in Ontario. A completed application and all required fees must be sent to the CDHO at 69 Bloor Street East, Suite 300. Toronto, ON, M4W 1A9.

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