Dental Hygienist Schools in Quebec - QC

Dental Hygienist School in Québec – QC

According to the Ordre des hygienists dentaires du Québec, the regulating body for dental hygienists working within the province, those who go to dental hygienist schools in Québec are guaranteed a 100% placement rate after graduation. If you are interested in the field of dental hygiene, yet want a job with a more flexible schedule than that of a dentist, becoming a dental hygienist may be for you. There are many schools in Québec that train future dental hygienists, in both English and French. Most dental hygiene schools’ programs last about three years (six semesters).

In order to work as a dental hygienist in Quebec, you must earn a DEC degree from a recognized college in Quebec; earn certification through the Ordre des hygienists dentaires du Québec, which gives you a license to practice in the province; and maintain annual membership in this professional order. You must demonstrate knowledge of the French language to receive a license from the Ordre. Although Québec does not require dental hygienists to pass a national certification exam, if you intend to work as a dental hygienist in another Canadian province at some time during your career, you may need to pass the National Dental Hygiene Certification Exam (NDHCE) for licensure in that province.

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