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Dental Hygienist Salary in Alaska - AK

Alaska is an attractive state to pursue a career in dental hygiene. Not only is Alaska one of the most picturesque places in the country, but it is an area that pays “top dollar” for the profession of dental hygiene and dental assisting. Alaska is ranked as the highest paying state for dental hygienist's salaries and dental assistant's salaries, according to the Labor of Bureau Statistics. Specifically, Anchorage is reported to have an average annual salary of $93,810 for a dental hygienist and $42,270 for a dental assistant. Imagine living in a state with breath taking ocean coasts, magical mountain peaks, and loaded with adventure, and at the same time earning an excellent salary working in a highly respected profession.

The national average annual salary is $66,570. The BLS is reporting an average annual salary for a dental hygienist in the state of Alaska of $92,300. As you can see, this is significantly higher compared to the national average annual salary. is reporting lower average annual salaries, but salaries will be higher depending upon experience, additional credentials, and hours worked.

Anchorage, Alaska $59,000
Juneau, Alaska $60,000
Fairbanks, Alaska $55,000