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Dentist Salary in Alaska - AK

Six to eight years of postsecondary education may feel daunting, but dentists can hope to earn a six-figure income -- more than enough to pay off student loans and raise a family at the same time. The average dentist salary in Alaska is a comfortable $110,000, according to current job postings searchable through  The figure can vary according to a number of factors.  One factor is specialty.  Some dentists get further education after dental school to practice in such fields as prosthodontics, and this can result in a higher salary. 

Another factor in determining earnings is geography.  The following are current averages for cities in Alaska, listed in descending order:

  • Sitka $122,000
  • Sitka $122,000
  • Juneau $99,000
  • Fairbanks $99,000

Alaska’s prospective dentists should be aware that dentists are more likely to be in private practice than practitioners in certain other health fields.  Private practice requires some business skills, but these shouldn’t prove an obstacle for someone who has completed eight years of postsecondary education.  Some dentists do secure positions with regional medical centers like Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska Regional Hospital, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, or the Central Peninsula Regional Hospital.  Among the employers recently posting positions are the Alaska Native Health Tribal Consortium and Nationwide Dental. 

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