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Dentist Salary in Arizona - AZ

The average dentist’s salary in Arizona is about $115,000 per year. Dentists in Arizona have a profound commitment to promoting and assisting in dental awareness and prevention, as well as treating severe dental health issues. Considering the significant amount of time that dentists spend being educated and trained, it is no wonder that they are so generously compensated.

In Arizona, the number one factor affecting annual income for a dentist is experience. Dentists in Arizona earn their money either through billable treatments in their own practice or through salary in a more developed, well-known dental practice. In order to start earning good money, you must build a patient base and develop a reputation for quality work. This may take some time, but after you have created a name for yourself in the field of dentistry, you will see your earnings climb year by year.

In addition, dentists in Arizona can expect to see a variance in their salaries depending on specialty. Some students decide to go into general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or surgical dentistry. It is important to keep in mind that your salary can vary greatly depending on which specialty you choose to pursue.

To give you an idea of how location can also impact your annual income, listed below is the average dentistry salary in Arizona by city:

  • Phoenix: $109,000
  • Tucson: $106,000
  • Glendale: $109,000
  • Mesa: $110,000