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Dentist Salary in Arkansas - AR

Dentists complete a rigorous and often expensive training, but the profession does eventually yield monetary awards as well as prestige.  Many dentists are in private practice and benefit from skills in bookkeeping and business, though they may ultimately be able to afford a staff.  Most dentists work no more than a 40 hour week, but sometimes longer hour are required, especially when a person is starting out. Some work evenings to cater to the schedules of their busy clients.

Some dentists work for medical centers or even large hospital, like Arkansas Regional Medical Center, Baptist Health Medical Center, Saint Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, or White County Medical Center North. 

The average dentist salary in Arkansas is, according to, a generous $117,000.  There is some regional variance. Recent job postings for Little Rock average $98,000.  Fayetteville, at $108,000, is closer to the state average, while Jonesboro, at $119,000, is over.  These figures are based on current needs, and thus are subject to change.

Dentists who earn specialty licenses may have even greater earning potential.  One specialty, prosthodontics, requires three extra years of training after the granting of the initial degree, but tends to be in the top ten for all jobs in terms of income.

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