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Dentistry Salary in British Columbia - BC

According to, there are more openings for dentists than there are qualified, trained dentists throughout all of the provinces in Canada. As the average Canadian ages, his or her dental coverage will increase, making the job outlook in Canada quite bright for dentists. Currently, according to, the average dentist salary in British Columbia is C$109,374 (approximately $106,352 USD). This salary is among the highest pay rate for dentists across the country. Salaries may differ depending upon the part of British Columbia in which your practice is located. has the following dentist openings listed in British Columbia at the time of this writing:

  • Dentist – Calian, Victoria, BC – Working for Department of National Defence
  • Dentist – Gabriola Island, BC
  • includes the following dental position opening in British Columbia:
  • Dentist – Artistic Dental Ceramic, Ltd. – Richmond, BC

Positions for dentists in British Columbia include private practice, group practice, community organizations, school organizations, non-profit organizations, research and laboratory facilities, and specialized positions including cosmetic dentistry. The British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) is a great organization for new dentists to join, as membership in the BCDA can help you network, find new employment, gain health benefits, find continuing education opportunities, and help you in marketing yourself more efficiently and professionally. They can be contacted at Member Registration at (604) 714-2381.

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