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Dentist Salary in Colorado - CO

The average dentist salary in Colorado is an astounding $118,000 each year. Although this figure is somewhat under the 2008 national average of $142,000, there is no doubt that dentists in Colorado are well-paid professionals. Because dental professionals spend many years being properly educated and trained to diagnose and treat dental/oral conditions, you can expect to earn a comfortable salary for the life of your career. 

In Colorado, dental professionals have the option of operating their own practice or working as an associate in a more established, well-known dental practice. There are benefits and drawbacks to both of these options; however, most dental professionals in Colorado prefer to make their start by working in a dental clinic and developing rapport with patients. Naturally, dentists in Colorado earn more annually by operating their own practice, but a strong patient base is essential to a functioning, high-income yielding dental practice. 

As a dentist in Colorado, you will also have the option of learning and working in a specialized type of dentistry. Some professionals prefer to work in general dentistry, while others prefer surgical or cosmetic dentistry. The important thing to note here is that each of these specialty options can affect your annual salary, with some specialties paying more than others.

Because your precise location in Colorado can also impact salary, the list below details some information on the average dentistry salary in Colorado per city:

  • Denver: $116,000
  • Colorado Springs: $112,000
  • Aurora: $117,000
  • Lakewood: $116,000

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