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Dentist Salary in Connecticut - CT

The average dentist salary in Connecticut is $138,000 per year, which is certainly an adequate living to be earned while performing a job you love. Dentists in Connecticut are educated, trained, and extensively tested on both their knowledge and skill related to dentistry in practice, as well as dental and maxillofacial disease processes and appropriate treatments. With this high level of responsibility comes an attractive annual salary.

Dental professionals in Connecticut can earn money in two ways: by operating their own dental practice or working in an established, recognized dental practice. Dentists in Connecticut that work under the name of an associate dental practice are typically salaried, whereas sole proprietors collect income based on patient treatments and billings. Because it can take many years to build a strong patient base, most new dentists in Connecticut start their careers working in an established clinic.

One of the great things about this profession is that there are several different specialty areas that you can work in, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and surgical dentistry. Some dentists in Connecticut even choose to overlap in their specialties to build a more comprehensive patient base. Naturally, the more specialized tasks you can perform, the more money you will make.

To see how location can impact annual salary, take a look at the average dentist salary in Connecticut listed by major city:

  • Bridgeport: $129,000
  • Hartford: $121,000
  • New Haven: $115,000
  • Stamford: $146,000

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