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Dentist Salary in Delaware - DE

In general, dentists in Delaware can expect to earn about $127,000 each year. While the 2008 national average salary for dentists was around $142,000, there is no doubt that dental professionals in Delaware are earning good money. Because dental professionals have the intense responsibility of assessing, treating, and monitoring medical conditions of the mouth, they are highly paid for their contribution to patient care.

In Delaware, dentists have the unique option or working in an associate dental practice or opening up their own practice. Dentists in Delaware that are performing under the name of an associate dental clinic are typically salaried. However, those that own their own practice earn directly from patient encounters and billable hours. Because it can take several years to build professional and personal rapport with patients, most new dentists in Delaware begin their careers as salaried professionals in associated dental clinics.

Keep in mind that there are several dental specialties including endodontics and reconstructive surgical dentistry. The benefit to specializing is that it increases the demand for the services offered and creates the potential for a higher income.

Because salary can often be affected by geographical location, below you’ll find some detailed information on the average dentist salary in Delaware by city:

  • Wilmington: $124,000
  • Dover: $105,000
  • Newark: $119,000

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