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Dentist Salary in Florida - FL

There is no doubt that dentists are high-paid professionals. In fact, the average dentist’s salary in Florida is around $127,000. This is an astoundingly high annual income, but it is important to remember how many years of education and training dental students go through to get to this point; not to mention they bare the responsibility of providing top quality patient care.

Dentists in Florida earn incomes in one of two ways – either by salary or by “production�?. New dental professionals often perform their services under the name of an associate dental clinic and are typically paid by salary. Many established, experienced dentists, on the other hand, make the decision to open their own dental practice, for which they are paid by patient treatments and billing hours. Dental proprietors often earn more money than salaried dentists, but it takes them years to establish a patient base strong enough to carry their own practice.

Another factor that can affect your salary as a dentist in Florida is specialty. There are nine different dental specialties, such as periodontics and endodontics. Some dentists are content to practice general dentistry, while others choose to expand their skills to include more specialized areas. The important thing to note here is that you can earn more money by expanding your specialties.

Below you find listings of the average dentist salary in Florida by city:

  • Jacksonville: $116,000
  • Miami: $124,000
  • Tampa: $117,000
  • St. Petersburg: $116,000
  • Orlando: $115,000

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